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Artist: Daisycutter

CD: Daisycutter

Home: Boston, Massachusetts

Style: Rock

Review: By Ken Mowery

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Every song on Daisycutter's self-titled, debut CD brings something fresh, unique, and hard- hitting to the Hard Rock table. There is no fluff and no fat here. This is pure rock that is strong enough to stand on its own and demand attention, although it is an obvious synthesis of every major rock influence known to man.

Daisycutter blasts off with the aural assault of the bigger-than-life drive of "Do The Nasty". This tune rockets the CD to an early orbit with all of the sexual intensity you would expect from a rock anthem. Raw energy carries the song and dominates the attention initially, but a closer listen reveals the sonic complexity developed by the bands tasteful use of the synthesizer.

The second cut, "Jet Set" continues the guitar intensive groove of the first song. However, the synthesizer parts are given more prominence in the mix and it provides a very interesting multi-dimensionality to the song. But the hooky refrain, "Jet Set Jettin', Jet Settin' Outta Here" does the job its supposed to do and brings you back for more. It's a prime example of the lyrical talent of singer/songwriter Scott Matalon.

Daisycutter demonstrates an amazing breadth vocally as well as stylistically with songs like their melodic "Without You" and the Beatles' cover tune "I Am The Walrus". The song "Big Wet Kiss" offers the best expression of the bands more contemplative and lyrical side. Excellent harmonies along with thoughtful guitar and bass lines securely ground this song as the synthesizer plays counterpoint and pulls the theme relentlessly toward other worlds and dimensions. This song gives a clear example of the styles and concepts, which Daisycutter has fused to create their unique and infectious sound.

"Dead Finger" swings the sound back to the kicking rock 'n roll that the CD opened with. "Meet The New Me" highlights the superlative guitar riffs of lead guitarist Mike De Angelis and sets up the final song, "Use It Up," which is a fitting synergy of each of the Daisycutter players and their respective influences.

Daisycutter is an important CD that belongs in every respectable collection. Its important both for its pure rock 'n roll entertainment value and for the significant rock influences and styles that it fuses together.

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