Artist: Danny Hamilton

CD: Where Do I Fit In?

Home: Torrance, California

Style: Urban Rock

Review: By Ken Mowery

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Danny Hamilton's new CD has been appropriately titled Where Do I Fit In? because it spans the spectrum of musical styles, tastes, and genre found in pop music today. However, listeners will appreciate the fresh originality of Hamilton's sound, which carries discernable nuances from country, rock, folk and blues.

Although it may be difficult to categorize, this project delivers notable and powerful performances with profoundly entertaining impact. The CD gets down to rock and roll business with the initial track, "Ace" which offers a suitable preview of the intensity that typifies Hamilton's music. Along with this intensity, there is an appealing insight and sensitivity that comes across in songs such as "Love Song of the Migrant Worker", "Carpe Diem", and "A World Of You." The latter stands out as one of the CD's most stirring songs with deeply personal lamentation about love lost coupled with perfectly piercing blues guitar riffs.

Hamilton unfurls his artist banner in the title song, which decries the ugliness behind the pressure to compromise artistic integrity in order to achieve commercial success. He flatly and defiantly declares his refusal to travel down that road.

In the song "American," Hamilton raises the voice of protest over several societal woes. This song's social commentary is superbly punctuated with a nice harmonica solo.

"This Song's Not For You" breaks the CD loose with some old time, good fun, get up and dance, rock and roll complete with Jerry Lee Lewis style piano and Chuck Berry-ish guitar playing.

"Manzana" brings the CD to a beautiful conclusion with the haunting charm of Native American flutes, drums and chants. This ending seems to highlight the eclectic reaches and appeal of Hamilton's style.

Where Do I Fit In? may defy description, but one thing is certain. This CD will fit in to any respectable music collection. 

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