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Artist: Gainer

CD: You Say It Like It's a Bad Thing

Home: Alabama

Style: Rock

Review: By Ken Mowery

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I can't verify this claim, but I think this full length debut by Gainer made my car go faster and get better gas mileage. Okay! So that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you should know that this CD has enough driving energy to effect some changes. At the very least, your head will move, and chances are good that the rest of your body will follow after once you crank up these rock tunes.

This is power rock with double shots of adrenalin. There are a number of very inventive sonic effects created by the wall of sound guitar work, which nicely utilizes the harmonic density of slightly overdriven instruments. Gainer builds their infectious, bigger than big rock sound on this principle. Gainer's punk-ish vocals establish a pleasing aural contrast which seems to slightly soften or mellow the thrasher edge of their music. They add to the mix one fantastic rhythm section, which both drives their huge sound and ties all the elements together.

The songs show the understanding and insight which come with young adulthood, but they are delivered with the energy and intensity of youth. Every song is solid and remarkable on this CD, which makes it difficult to isolate the ones that stand out.

The first cut, "Always On Stage" sets the stage for the project with relentless energy that carries through to the last note on the last track. This song demonstrates the group's songwriting skills with smooth and logical changes that break up the melodic flow of the song without impeding its drive. Listeners are immediately introduced to Gainer's distinct vocals.

"Fever Pitch" breaks into a new groove that feels nice. This song features some of the intense drumming to be found throughout the CD. The middle section of the CD is held down by the song "No Help Needed" which may well be the best song in which rock influences of the 1970's, 80's, and 90's can be clearly heard. Another notable tune in the middle section is "Ghostman on 2nd" which also reveals influences from earlier decades of rock and roll.

Finishing out the CD are the two tracks "It's Already Been Brang!" and "Check, Please". These two songs have a standout bass part not as clearly discernable in earlier tracks.

Gainer has put together an important rock CD that rockers of every persuasion will enjoy. You should have this music in your collection.

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